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The Freedom Myth: Many moms go into business for themselves thinking it will bring them freedom. Not so!  Owning a business can bring you stress and obligations you never experienced with a job.  We tell moms what the real trade-offs to business ownership are, and find out if you are really cut out for it.

How To Start a Business with Less Than $100: We've seen those moms on Oprah who have million dollar businesses and they all started at their kitchen tables with $100 or less.  Although, Gina can't guarantee you'll be the next millionaire mom on Oprah, she can show you easy ways to start a business on the cheap or even free!

What Moms Need to Know Before Starting a Business: Thinking of starting a business?  Want to spend more time with family and still earn the pay you make at your day job?  Gina can help guide your mom viewers to business success before they make the classic business start-up mistakes.

Managing Business/Managing Kids: Work at home moms want to spend time with their kids, but how do you manage kids and business under the same roof?  Gina provides tips to help moms manage both kids and business at the same time while keeping kids, clients and spouse feeling satisfied.

Being a Mom Makes You a Better Business Owner: Working Moms feel guilty for not being spending enough time with the kids.  Gina sets business moms straight with ideas on how to unload the guilt and see the positive contributions working parents make to the home.

The Balancing Act: For many moms, work/life balance is a foreign and intangible concept.  Gina lays out the three basic keys to having a sense of balance.

My World is Falling Apart! Now What?:  What do moms do when diagnosed with a life-threatening disease or losing their only source of income?  It's hard - no doubt about it, but you can also go through it knowing it's going to be a rewarding experience in the end.  Now in the time of economic and health care crisis, Gina, a  breast cancer survivor, will guide moms through the five steps necessary to turn every crisis into a wonderful gift.


Time Sensitive Content for Moms In Business Readers and Viewers:

Mother's Day Gift Tips:  Any mom loves to be genuinely recognized and appreciated for being a mom.  Many don't think of gifts for mom's business needs, Gina will give your audience the best Mother's Day Gift ideas specifically for business moms.

Summer Tips:  Mommy Guilt kicks into overdrive during summer vacation.  Moms nearly break their backs trying to accomodate their family's need for extra time and attention while trying to keep a business up and running.  Reduce the guilt and the madness by using great tips and tools to be more effective and have more time.

Back To School Tips: Business kicks into high gear for moms once summer ends.  We'll share tips and tools to prepare for this golden opportunity of more time and how to utilize it wisely and productively.

Holiday Tips:  The holidays can be a great time of year or an exhaustive nightmare for business moms.  For many business moms, the holiday's are their biggest sales season where she's her busiest.  And, everyone expects her to be home baking cookies.  We share tips and tools for business moms to prepare for the holiday sales season, increase their profits, and still have time for their family.


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